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2012 Dec 22  birthEarth

2012 Sep 04  Science Debate-12:  Obama and Romney address 14 questions, side-by-side.

2012 May 26  Health Update - OPCs the nutrient queen of AntiOxidents: anti-cancer; anti-bad ...generally -- pro-Life!

2012 Jan 18   Buying DogFood

2011 Dec 11  Republican Candidates

2010 Dec 22  cold pockets on hot Mama  BareTruth  Keeling Curve

2010 Dec 14  Duhhh...  revisiting medSchool impressions  MaMaaa

2010 Aug 23  View from the Artic should alert U.S. Congress

2010 Apr 25  Green Tea Party

2010 Mar 23  David Brooks  One knife down

2010 Feb 03  eco nnect   SlowFood  thinkGarden  MichaelPollan uTube

2009 Nov 18  Columbus weatherman retrospective

2009 Sep 10  Michael Pollan's view of Obama Health Strategy

2009 May 22  Tom Fitzgerald:  Energy, Community, Justice

2009 Apr 21  David Brooks: His advisers are like jugglers who have thrown knives in the air.

2009 Apr 17  EPA News: Endangerment Finding: 6 gases implicated in global warming

CO2        Carbon diOxide primary component of combustion    Keeling Curve

CH3        methane, primary component of "natural gas" and organic decomposition

N2O        diNitrogenOxide = nitrous oxide = "laughing gas"

CxHxFx   hydroFluoroCarbons (HFCs)

CxFx        perFluoroCarbons

SF6         Sulfur hexaFluoride


2009 mar 21   ntro GOD



2009 feb 14

 Moment of Love

We celebrate this day Love,    

for many, romantic Love.          

any Love is gateway to all Love,

to Love all.                               

but the gateway is not                      

the arduous journey of ardorous Love.

                        enduring Love...            eternaLove


2009 02 12 Celebrating  Abe


2009 02 10   No one, including our President, understands the Problem!

2009 02 06  TARP Report  surprise, surprise

It is important, however, for the public to understand that in many cases Treasury received far less value in stocks and warrants than the money it injected into financial institutions.

As of the report's completion, the Treasury had used $254 billion to buy stakes in banks and AIG, meaning about a third of that was a giveaway.

2009 02 06  Earmarks   marking the epic battle between local control and greedy centralization

2009 02 03  Heart Warmer

2009 01 27  BankingSolution / effectiveStimulus

2009 01 22 Middle East Peace?

Citizen Science

Obama is assembling a team of diverse viewpoints.  One must not focus on an individual but the richness of the team.  I donít know Vilsac; it is reported he is politically effective.  Obama guides the vision; the team, we hope, executes well.  It is often valuable for the executive to understand those who must change.

Here is an effective message for Honorable Vilsac:   NYT-090105 Wendell Berry


"Tug at a single thing in nature, you find it attached to the rest of the world."
--variously attributed to John Muir



EarthRise Christmas


2008 12 24   Directing NOAA, thank GOD, is Jane


2009 01 06  Bush offers Jane and us preservation 


2008 10 06 USA financial Solution


Cincinnati USA   Leadership !


2008 10 06  US Climate Change 2009 Report (17M)



2008 04 07 Jim Hansen Report "If humanity wishes to preserve a planet similar to that on which civilization developed and to which life on Earth is adapted, paleoclimate evidence and ongoing climate change suggest that CO2 will need to be reduced from its current 385 ppm to at most 350 ppm."

2008 03 20 Brown  -- Perfecting Obama's discourse on race


2008 Feb 25  Cincinnati Climate Action Public Hearing

john offers supplement


2008 02 27  Hucka Bama

2008 02 08 Celebrating  Abe


Our Voice  !!

unwanted calls - FTC advice and Press Release


Father Earth


Autumn Leave me  Thou leaf

Blessing Life

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World View

Universal Religion  for global peace

On Being - formerly: Speaking of Faith

President Bush Confers to Dalai Lama link not productive 130210

Joanna Macy






Keystone Flora

Imago Cincinnati Earth Center and Eco Village

Civic Garden Center

Keep Cincinnati Beautiful

Lloyd Library Botany, Homeopathy, Gardening, ...


Hamilton County Environment   Go Green


Air Quality Cincinnati Region

Kentucky Resources Council

Findlay Market

Grailville Cincinnati

Mill Creek Restoration Project

GAIA Foundation Cincinnati Green Professional





Women's Voices for the Earth

Earth Policy Institute

Environmental Working Group

Green Belt Movement Africa Wangari Maathi

Joanna Macy:  The Great Turning

International Water for Life Foundation

Hado, Japanese for wave motion or vibration

Alarm !!  Speak up  -  or:  Media Consolidation

1 Sky

Living On Earth  NPR watch on eco events and trends


Global Change - US Government  old prior: Climate Science  new:  ClimateX

Current Climate Data, including CO2  (NASA)

Global Warming - Keeling Curve

Global Warming - InterGovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Organic Consumers Association

The meaning of "Organic"



American Association for the Advancement of Science

Science Debate

National Academy of Sciences




Basic Rules of Nutrition

Global Organic Alliance > USDA Organic

Natural Product Association

Farmers Markets

Local Sources

Living Food Energy Exchange Kennedy Heights

Ohio Ecological Food & Farm Association

US Dep Agriculture National Organic Program

Local Food denied by Uncle Sam

New York Local Carrots - Case Study



Unheralded Vitamin -most concentrated in cocoa

Safe Cosmetics

Ingredient Guide

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine



2009 06 13 New Strategy for Kentucky and Nation

2007 10 18 Climate Change Context and Strategy for Kentucky

US Climate Action Partnership

Call for Action  16pg pdf

Get CFL - Compact Flourescent Lighting


National Lighting Product Information Program



    Lighting applications / specifications

    Tabulation of CFL measures and computations


DOE - Geothermal

Green Energy Ohio

Kentucky Solar Partnership Not productive 14 08 27

Kentucky Geological Survey

Dovetail Solar & Wind

Nuclear? (hard Energy)

Rocky Mountain Institute - Soft Energy




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2009 08 09  Watch out for tomato "Late Blight" !  --  2009 09 09 - no problem here, and no further word.

2009 mar 8  spring doppelbach

riverDo ! (name for The Banks)

2007 12 19  "Today we make a major step with the Energy Independence and Security Act. We make a major step toward reducing our dependence on oil, confronting global climate change, expanding the production of renewable fuels and giving future generations of our country a nation that is stronger, cleaner and more secure. President Bush signs Energy Bill


2007 11 03 


Step It Up 2007  anticipating Nov3 in Cincinnati



2007 04 17  VA Tech

2007 04 14  Step It Up 2007  Eden Park


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