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2007 04 19

7pm at the Cincinnati Museum Center

The Science of Global Warming
U.C. geology Prof. Carlton Brett, and john et al attended presentation by

Andrew H. Knoll, Fisher Prof of Natural History at Harvard

prompted john's purchase of his 2003 book:  Life on a Young Planet
Global warming is real; its impact can already be seen; and America needs to take action to control the impending climate crisis. Local environmental justice advocate, Mary Clare Reitz, brings that message to Cincinnati Museum Center with a global warming slide show that presents the most current peer-reviewed science. She also presents an array of solutions that offer hope and empowerment.


2007 04 20  KGS   Geology and Public Policy

Symposium  Energy and Environment

Lexington, KY




2007 April 14   Eden Park   - Group Pictures:  @fountain  @trees

A fledgling organization arose to meet the challenge in Cincinnati.

Initially, we discover one another,

committed to contributing to a better world.

Looking forward to new connections and new opportunities

to assemble and foster our creative efforts.

Stay in touch by eMail, the low-carbon method.

And add to our fledgling web as we grow.

Let children live!

Step It Up 2007 


2007 04 15  john@emodo.net

http://www.nytimes.com/2007/04/15/magazine/15green.t.html?pagewanted=1&_r=1&th&emc=th Tom Friedman
pg 3 there is no better tool than bringing down the price of oil
    4 MT Gov. Brian Schweitzer (not enough said here about him. look'm up)
    6 China price ... The only thing as powerful as Mother Nature is Father Greed.
    7 Suntech Power Holdings
    9 Carbon tax
Thanks Tom!
Father Greed! And so our charter:  FatherGreed >>>   father

2007 04 16 ynotboogie@hotmail.com

I first want to thank Mike for organizing this event and everyone else that showed up for caring.

Hopefully sometime in the near future we can meet up again and maybe do something else.

I find it discouraging that the big Earth Day event in Cincinnati isn't featuring anything about Global Warming. It would seem that with an event such as this, with the mayor attending, it would be a perfect time for the City of Cincinnati to make a strong statement in favor of doing something positive about Global Warming. Of course, since the event is in part sponsored by the USEPA, I suppose this should be expected.

There is a tremendous lack of local media focus on Global Warming. Perhaps together we can change that. What does anyone think about reserving Fountain Square sometime to hold a Global Warming rally with speakers and all?