2009 02 12  Honest Abe is 200   !!!   updated 2018 12 12

2009 feb 12

Wishing you complete

in your celebration of Abe and Charles,

Life, children, Love, hope, luminance, family…

this morning the Sun heralds Spring. 

4 squirrels frolic in bare trees. 

4 bulbs sprout through

cool, soft, wet, dark Earth

promising, making a better world.


Exhibit Opening at Behringer-Crawford Museum 6 - 8:30pm

Kenton Library Multiple Programs beginning today


Report of Search on Cincinnati's Dr. Robert F. Boal and relation to Lincoln's Ascent


2008-9  BiCentennial Celebration of Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln's Kentucky Heritage  link inOperable 181212

Kentucky Historical Society

Lincoln the Lawyer Research  link inOperable 130210

    http://www.cetconnect.org/lincolnlegacy/  link inOperable 130210

    https://www.ket.org/series/ABML/all/  link updated 181212

    http://www.alplm.org/home.html   link inOperable 181212



Our efforts Saturday, 2007 Sep 15, included clean-up of the Lytle Park monument of Abraham Lincoln.  Here are some pics we gathered. 

Why Abe?  Your ideas are welcome.  He certainly managed an awesome challenge!  His steadfast vision of an enduring, righteous civilization in North America, coupled with daring leadership through many messy battles, provides an inspiring example of leadership we hope to provide and stimulate as we soberly confront the greatest challenge on Earth:  survival of humanity beyond our heretofore short-sighted practices of desecration of our Mother Earth.