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(A project of Paradise Found, LLC)

Home Market - Every Tuesday & Thursday - 4 to 6 PM.
3505 Ravenwood Avenue (just off Kennedy Ave in Kennedy Heights)
Please park in front of building OR on Tyne Street DO NOT PARK ON RAVENWOOD!

Fresh, organic/local, produce, fresh squeezed raw juice, and live prepared foods made available right here in your own neighborhood. Please join us in this unique adventure creating transformative, nutritious, personal and environmentally thriveable, ultimately compassionate, guilt and suffering-free food practices in true harmony with all of nature – yours, ours and all sentient beings.

We’re also offering a weekly CSA-like live food box of organic and local produce and freshly made veggie and fruit juices delivered city wide right to you door. (Remember the milk man?) This service even includes compost pick up for a complete, environmentally conscious, full circle, truly “back to the garden” food system.

“We Are What We Eat”

Remember the good old days when local farmers rode through your neighborhood with fresh produce picked that very day? “Get your fresh corn - 10 for a dollar. I got apples, greens, carrots…” It made my day as I waited by the door with the four dollars Mama gave me.” “Back in the day” our food was fresh from the farm, fragrant, free from toxic sprays, highly nutritious and brought to our door. How “rich” was that?

India & Randall are highly motivated, professionally educated, experienced, and certified “Community Health Ministers”. Through our own journey toward greater vitality and health freedom, we have increasingly been utilizing local farmers, a year-around organic produce outlet that sells by the case (very economical but a larger quantity than needed for our own use alone), and preparing our own live foods and nutrient dense juices. Our intention is to share our accumulated natural health resources, experience and these abundant, highly beneficial foods with our neighbors - to enhance and empower our community’s physical and spiritual health, connectedness and vibrancy.

Please stop by our weekly home market or email us at (ParadiseFoundLLC@ yahoo.com) for our current home delivery order list. Cash, Checks, Visa, MC, and other positive energy exchanges accepted. We look forward to serving and getting to know you.