2007 04 14  -- At the first StepItUp Cincinnati, in Eden Park


It is great to be alive today!

We are privileged to witness and participate

in the most profound transcendence on Earth --

unprecedented paradigm shift

in which creatures on Earth

transcend natural limitations of creaturehood

individually achieving GOD's view of our home planet, our Mother,

collectively with GOD's capacity to attend the needs of our Mother

to whom we owe our first devotion.


How many of us remember 9/11?

How many of us remember 8/14?

In 2003 on the hot August day 14,

what we daily take for granted

electrical power

failed us

over most of the US NorthEast.

Imagine the densely-packed, multi-dimensional lives in NYC.

Electrical power derived predominantly by burning Carbon,

all a gift from our predecessors on Earth.

And what happened?


We witnessed the completely CONSTRUCTIVE response

by New Yorkers to the loss of electricity 2003 August 14 around 5pm.

This represents the most significant turning point in the history of mammals!

Now we ALL sense and willingly share the collective nature of our destiny.

The individual instinct for self preservation has finally been located inferior to our cerebral understanding of our collective interdependence.

When we are challenged collectively, we respond with a focus on our common needs first, and our individual needs second.

We are attentive to our individual roles and focus on contributing to the LARGER effort, KNOWING

that the fate of the group includes the fate of the individual.

The result is of course eminently self-gratifying -- life's greatest paradox!

Let us go forward with a Zen-like calm certainty

that as we respond honestly to the needs of our Mother, surely we will save Her for us All.

Mother Earth needs a Father.

Let us each be the perfect Father to our Mother Earth.


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