2013 Nov 8

On Oct 30, i noticed this breast under the roadside whitePine.

Files linked below are selected pics recording the continuing magical emergence of a family (#5 today) presided by her majesty.  She tastes delicious.

Identification is the challenge.  Pursuant to thorough review of these library books, Amanita is the probable genus?:  (ringed variety)

87-McNight(s), 99-Barron, 02-Money, 06-Miller(s), 10-Phillips

Thank you for your contributions - via john@emodo.net  which will be reported here per your advice.

The copper patina, or even this emergence may be in some part consequential to a multi-year practice of uprooting dandelions; if imperfectly -- following with a salt granule of copperSulfate fingerPushed to the top of residual.  The result of that practice is yard otherwise completely natural and organic, relatively free of dandelions.  Additionally, proximity to 2-lane connector road adds the winter complement of road salt.

Thank you for your contribution.


1030  earthBreast

1102  flat   bowl  core  ring

1103  jr  3  gill  partialVeil  volva  13a  14a  gill

1105  meas

1107 harvested

    base      perforation stipe - cap

    4 emerges  (perhaps weather-related?) indiv variances!

1108  jrWee  4(masked)&5  4&5  jr  jr


http://www.amanitaceae.org/?genus  pics