2008 02 27  McCain o Bama


                    Obama paternal root


2008 02 12  Debate on Science  set for April 18 in Philadelphia.


2008 02 12     Huck o Bama

What all pundits fail to comprehend is the power of the people, so accustomed are they to the drumbeat of the establishment. 

Obama and Huckaboom represent the same assertion, by citizens increasingly aware of truth as discoverable on the N (iNternet).  We passionately seek the unprecedented civil debate between Huckabee and Obama.

The foundation of We the People is inherently anti-Establishment.  In the 1700s  We shucked the old British establishment.  In the 1800s We shucked the old slavery establishment.  In the 1900s We shucked the impulses of totalitarianism.  From the humble audacity of Rachael Carson, we began to shuck the poisoning of Mother Earth.   The current Establishment, inattentive to Rachael Carson, has become inattentive to We the People.  The current Establishment is poisoned by greed.  It poisoned my dog.  It is not quickly enough reversing the poison of our Mother Earth.  As confessed by its leader:  it is addicted to oil. 

As best declared by Paul Newman, in Cool Hand Luke:

"What we have here is a failure to communicate."

Just as Reagan dissolved the cold war with Communication, it is Communication that will dissolve the frustration of the disenfranchised.  HuckaBama means Communication!  not war.


2008 02 11

Goldwater in 64, no to Nixon second term, no to Clinton second term, i stood 10' behind Reagan in 1978 on Fountain Square watching some 40 noon-day curious at his first visit to Cincinnati.

The enduring common love in politics is for "the great communicator ".

As we consider leadership for Earth, and for America, and for the US,

job 1 is trusted Communication, based on comprehensive, alert understanding.

job 2 is team formation and management

job 3 is Defense of Life and Love / against Evil = 2nd Law of Thermodynamics

job 4 is directing a strategy for optimum, sustainable Life on Earth for All.


The solution for Republicans:

Huckabee for President

McCain for Vice President

Romney for Secretary of Commerce.

Paul for Secretary of Treasury

Hunter for Secretary of Defense


My offer on the eve of Iowa caucus: 

2008 01 04

While Romney McCain Giuliani focus on radical Islam, i contend the primary global problem is fundamentalism, parochial religion.  Huckabee is the required Moses to lead the evangelicals out of the darkness into the light of Universal religion and thus World Peace.   http://ncad.net/GOD/Ur.htm

President Huckabee is lovably effective.

His transcendence of horizontal partisanship fulfills GOD's promise of one people on Earth living and loving in peace.

His foundation in humility, with music, religion and communications, enables authentic service for the world so desperately calling for citizen Leadership.

He promises a revolution in education, taxation, and health, all industries stained by unbridled greed at the expense of our children to come.

He will bring a gentle, humorous calm to global strife and extend the loving offer of cooperative, adaptive, principled communication channels defusing the bombs of spontaneous frustration.  He is one of Us, the people of GOD, the people of Earth. 

Basic Rules of Nutrition



2008 02 10  Charlie Rose Green Room